Sentiment Analysis: The Future of Market Research and Customer Engagement

Sentiment Analysis: The Future of Market Research and Customer Engagement

What is sentiment analysis?

Sentiment analysis is the process of recognizing customers’s emotions and their tone about the brand’s products and services expressed through online platforms.

To deduce effective conclusions it helps in –

  • Data mining
  • Filtering results
  • Extracting the opinion of the consumers out of the data.
  • Monitoring conversations
  • Evaluation of languages
  • Voice inflection to measure attitudes, feelings and opinions.

It is the most important process as all other key social media strategies and website analytics like image recognition, social media analytics, customer experience analytics, social listening and monitoring depend on it and are more insightful.

Importance in brand building

According to, 2.5 quintillion bytes of unstructured texts and data is created every day.Understanding and sorting this data in form of reports can be tough and time-consuming.

This is where sentiment analysis comes into the picture; making it manageable for brands to procure valuable data using AI-driven automated tools and algorithms.

How to use sentiment analysis for brand building?

Social media monitoring

Social media platforms give consumers the liberty to express their experiences and emotions freely regarding a brand’s products and services. Monitoring these online consumer sentiments is one of the most pertinent criteria to quantify the brand’s online marketing results and efforts.

Customer support

Even though you’ve integrated chatbot, mail support and call centre, social media is the place where consumers seek solutions to their queries most of the time. This is where sentiment analysis can be useful to identify people who are looking for online assistance.

Customer feedback

Listening to what consumers have to say about their experience with your brand is crucial to improve and make a mark. The voice of the customer (VOC) involves gathering feedback, data, direct observations, Surveys, Interviews, Focus groups, Complaint data, review data etc.



What is Sentiment Analysis Score?

SA score is a numerical representation of the sentiment or emotion conveyed in a piece of text or speech. It assigns a score to each word or phrase indicating the sentiment, either positive, negative or neutral, and then calculates an overall score for the entire text. A positive score indicates a positive sentiment, while a negative score indicates a negative sentiment.

What is Social Media Sentiment Analysis?

Social media sentiment analysis is the process of analyzing social media conversations to understand the sentiment and opinion of users towards a particular topic, brand or product.

It involves the use of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques to identify, extract and classify sentiment from social media data. Social media SA can help brands to identify customer opinions, measure brand reputation, and improve customer engagement.


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