AI Content on the Rise: The Need for Clear Labeling

AI Content on the Rise: The Need for Clear Labeling

Neil Patel, the well-known digital marketer, posted a fantastically insane directive last week. Patel has been running the numbers on thousands of accounts across most of the major social media apps. Based on his analyses, he now knows the required posting frequencies to enable you – yes, you ai – to perfect optimal account growth.

On Instagram, for example, where Patel looked at 15,000 user accounts, his recommendation is to post four to seven stories a day, around three to seven reels every week, images two to four times a week, lives once or twice a week, a carousel every week and between nine and 38 comments every day. Got that?

“It may seem like a lot of work,” Patel noted in his post. “But it isn’t.” His main argument being that you can “repurpose your content” from your other platform activity to save time and effort. Because, of course, Instagram isn’t your only focus. Oh no. Patel has similar gargantuan recommendations for the likes of LinkedIn, TikTok and X too. Each of them similarly hyperactive and equally bananas.

I utilise a perceptual sieve for posts from Patel and other social media gurus that I call the ‘Vee Denominator’, or VD for short. It’s named after the ubiquitous Gary Vaynerchuk and, in a nutshell, acts as a bullshit filter. Some digital genius tells you to expect an ROI of 1,000%, apply VD to bring this down to the real figure of 10% to 15%. If a TikTok guru predicts the end of linear TV by Christmas 2025, you make a note to expect significant changes around the start of the 22nd century. They tell you their company is projected to make a billion dollars this year, you can round that figure down to six figures.

AI Content: Can You Trust What You Read?

But Patel’s numbers are so huge and the topic so close to his genuine expertise that, despite my subsequent application of VD, his post still left an impression. Even a fraction of his suggested activity is beyond the capabilities of all but the largest corporate media team. But if Patel knows anything it is surely how to build social media success.

What is a marketer to do in the face of such numbers? Spend the next 10 years in their underpants trying to come up with something – anything – to say across various platforms every few minutes, while adding inane comments to as many other posts as possible? There must be another way.


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