Web Analytics

Experts in implementations and data analysis.


How do we do it:


Complex implementations

*We implement and test the operation of the analytics tool on your website.


 Google Analytics Specialists 4

*We have led the transition of hundreds of projects to GA4.


Effective measurement plans

*We make measurement plans from the point of view of strategy and business, we measure what is of interest.


Optimizing with data

*We use the data to obtain actionables that continue to improve the usability and conversion of your digital assets.


A powerful ally of Google Analytics

*GTM is not a measurement tool per se, but rather a tag management tool that is the perfect partner for Google Analytics implementations. Why? Because it allows us to include Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 tracking IDs through the single GTM script, without having to include one for each property type. If we focus on the new Google Analytics 4, we can configure it very simply with Google Tag Manager.


If you do not do this, the process becomes complex, requiring very technical knowledge or an IT team. But GTM is precisely about simplifying advanced actions.