Marketing Automation

We automate your strategies to increase the conversion and loyalty of your customers.


Advantages of Marketing Automation:


Lead generation

*Streamline your lead generation campaign thanks to the automation of marketing actions and
 increase the conversion of your quality users.

Customer segmentation

*Take advantage of your database to classify your potential clients and satisfy their needs.
 needs according to the phase of the funnel in which they are.

Lead scoring

*Determine the level of interest of each lead and obtain effective information about the
 behavior of your potential customers.

Brand image

*Make the most of email marketing automation: design and offer products and services
 attractive and improve your brand recognition.


*Take advantage of marketing automation tools in all channels, and make your
 brand is the first of your potential client’s options.


*Improve your productivity and optimize your tasks with good workflow software, essential for
 create workflows focused on your needs.

Marketing Automation Experts 

*Can you imagine being able to automate Digital Marketing tasks and actions in your business and take advantage of that time to improve and grow as a brand? That is exactly what Marketing Automation or Marketing Automation allows, a service that we carry out at HatelStudio to improve your workflows and increase the conversion of your clients.

Hiring a Marketing Automation agency to automate marketing actions in your company is no longer just an option: it has become a necessity. At least if you want to bet on a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that distinguishes you from the competition. Leave your workflow in the hands of experts, we will design a personalized solution while you focus on what is most important

Marketing Automation Strategies

*How do we develop your Marketing Automation campaign? We do it based on the needs of your business. Therefore, the first step will be to get to know each other. We will learn about the objectives of your digital marketing strategy and decide how to automate your actions with the most appropriate Marketing Automation tools. We will create a 360º solution, because your objectives will be ours.

Our comprehensive automation strategy includes:


Lead generation

*We create effective lead magnets and increase the conversion of your clients. As? With the help of a good email marketing automation strategy and, of course, optimizing the management of your database.

Workflow optimization

*Database creation and management,analytics and reports.

Automation consulting

*We are your Marketing Automation consultancy, so we can clear up all your doubts about your workflow/journey, and we help you build your CRM software.

Database creation and management

*We study the behavior of your leads, and satisfy their needs at each stage of the funnel, until they become the most loyal customers. Thus, we create a solid database for your automation strategy.

Analytics and reports

*We are aware of the importance of data analysis and results. As your automation marketing manager, we give you access to all the reports, and we analyze them together to find tailored solutions.

Our Automation tools

*We rely on the most innovative technology to optimize each process, which is why we master the two marketing automation tools par excellence: Salesforce and Activecampaign.

We also work with other platforms, such as Hubspot and Acumbaemail. We adapt to your preferences.

marketing automation



We have a team specialized in Marketing automation projects in Hubspot, one of the most powerful software on the market.


We integrate your data, teams and customers to increase traffic, convert more visitors into customers and execute 360 marketing campaigns.



We are experts in ActiveCampaign, the most effective CRM software for customer segmentation.


We personalize your solutions and automate your sales thanks to your email marketing tool. Make us your ActiveCampaign partner now!.



We are partners of the Salesforce Customer 360 CRM, essential to develop your B2B or B2C Marketing Automation campaign.


 We manage relationships with your clients by integrating this transversal platform into your sales teams.


 Our objetive? Improve your communication and productivity. Try Marketing Automation in Salesforce!